DC Axial fan
 ALTEC has dedicated resources in to developing innovative and quality cooling fan and thermal solution for IT, telecom, medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronic products and equipments. Our axial fans size from 25mm-250mm, available in DC 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V. With innovative structure design, special circuit control, We helped our customers greatly increase cooling performance and reduce system acoustic noise.

DC Blower fan
DC Blower fan generated high static pressure, and perform well in equipment that is difficult to ventilate and generates excessive heat. Also can produce directional air flow ideal for cooling, drying or forcing air through duct work. Our DC blowers fan size from 30mm-250mm, with Low Speed Alarm and Pulse Sensor types available.

IP fan – Ingress Protection
Providing industry-leading protection against water and dust, IP fans can be made to serve your operational needs within the harshest environments. Isolated materials protect coils and electronic parts to ensure reliability, even in environments with high concentrations of dust and high humidity.
Maintenance costs for the equipment can be reduced dramatically.

EC fan (AC-DC)
EC fan are favored for their energy saving and simplification of control. The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. The motor circuit incorporates voltage transformation from AC to DC, as well as the controls.
Energy saving, Low motor temperature and high air flow.
Up to 90% higher efficiency than conventional AC fan.

AC fan
Provide long lasting and highly reliable cooling for a wide variety of equipment, from telecommunication equipment to control panels and devices. Large airflow, high static pressure and high efficient AC fan, available in voltages of 24VAC, 115VAC, 230VAC & 380VAC. With frame sizes range from 60 mm to 280 mm. Models are also available with built-in alarm circuits.

AC Fan – Metal series
Metal Blade AC Fans are durable and can withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions, deliver excellent performances under severe conditions.
Metal Blade AC Fan available in voltages of 24VAC, 115VAC, 230VAC & 380VAC.
With frame sizes range from 80 mm to 280 mm.


Super Conductive Heater module
Super Conductive Heater module can blow the heat energy promptly to heat up as required by a fan, it is not necessary to have a too high temperature to heat up the heating element (The heating element can raise the temperature up to 800℃.) so it neither generate radiant heat (The radiant heat will cause cancer.) not burns oxygen in the air, leading to a lack of oxygen. Even it does not generate hot smell, carbon monoxide to poison people for burning carbon dioxide in the air.

Polyimide film Heating Element
The Polyimide film Heating element has a material using Kapton of DuPont in US, and is widely applied in a high temperature range and precise dust free area which can withstand a high temperature above 200℃.
It can be applied in satellite propeller, laminator heating, wafer heating, mould heating pad, refrigerator defrosting, medical equipment, medical instrument, camera lens defogging and dehumidifier, moisture resistant box for electronic instrument, etc.

Transparent film Heating Element
The transparent film Heating element is very fast and safe for the heating curve on the surface of the entire heating object of a product with the construction of an ultra thin film heating element. It won’t affect any sight line with the high-performance or common double sided adhesive backing stuck onto both sides. The penetrability is above 80%. Can be used to defog automobile glass, optical lenses, LCD displays, cameras, glasses, gauges, indoor or outdoor instrument, etc.

Polyester film Heating Element
The Polyester Flexible Heating element is a transparent, ultra thin with a flexible feature of Kapton heating element, which is waterproof, moisture and high temperature (150℃) resistance. Often used in the livelihood appliances of medical health caring, face beautifying, hair-styling curling iron, defogging, drying, etc. Being safe, power-saving and durable, it is the most common & economical flexible heating element.

Silicon Rubber Heating Element
The Silicon Rubber Heating element generally has the optimum application range from 0.4~0.8W/cm2, and will vary with the installation of the heating element and temperature adjusting conditions. This product is mostly composed of the super conductive heating alloy sheet and high temperature silicon rubber insulation cloth. The silicon rubber heating element has a very fast heating speed, even temperature, high heating efficiency, high strength and long safety life.

Mica Heating Element
Mica Heating Element is very fast and safe for the heating curve on the surface of the whole heating object with a construction of an ultra thin film heating element, tensile strength resistant and high temperature resistant, achieves an excellent heating result even in a severe environment. This product can complete the voltage resistant test of insulation, and can integrate with the metal mould with a better heating effect.
Applicable to water heater, iron, mould process, sealing machine for foodstuff machine, heating stove, warming saucer, etc.


Metal fan guard
Standard wire form fan guard designed for use with fan size from 25mm through 254mm. More than 100 types of designs. Surface finish in bright Nickel-chrome plating or Electro Black plating. Customize wire form fan guards available up to 800mm in diameter. We provide the professional team of design engineers and tooling maker, capable of designing and manufacturing the most difficult custom wire form products.

Plastic fan guard
Plastic fan guards are designed for use with fan size from 40mm through 172mm. Designs allow for the greatest amount of air pressure, while creating very low levels of noise. Plastic fan guards offer low cost protection, standard color is black, custom colors available. Plastic material is UL rated at 94V-0.

Plastic fan filter
Altec offers the broadest line of plastic fan filter assemblies from 40mm through 172mm. The assemblies consist of a finger guard, foam filter and retainer. The guards and container are manufactured using high impact plastics which all meet UL94V-0 flammability requirements. The foam filter is manufactured to meet UL94HF-1 smoke generation requirements.

Aluminum fan filter
Aluminum/Stainless filters offer high levels of air passage while efficiently filtering contaminants and shielding EMI/RFI. The tightly woven stainless corrugated mesh screen offers the highest performance. Designed to fit all 60mm up to 162mm axial fans. This fan filters can be mounted directly onto the fan or any other chassis. Standard finishes Mill and Electro Black plating available.


Our supplier specializes in manufacturing of a high-mix low volume in single to 12 layer  printed circuit board. We offer an extensive portfolio of single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer customized products. With over 15 years of experience, we are offering full range PCB assembly services for all kinds of electronic products.

The Flexible Printed Circuit board offers optimal performance with a sophisticated design. It has up to 8 layers. Constructed from high-quality plastic material, this flexible printed circuit board allows easy bending during use. It improves manufacturing yields and reliability. This flexible printed circuit board helps reduce weight and space, and also applicable for a wide range of electronic products.

FPC Connector
FPC connector available from 0.3mm FPC, ZIF or SMD bottom and upper contact. This FPC connector has been developed for small portable equipment for which low profile and miniaturization are required. It is precisely designed and manufactured for reliable working performance. A quality FPC connector guarantees a long service life.


Air Purifier
iClear Air Purifier integrated with high efficient anion generation and balanced ion technology to effectively sanitize and remove harmful odors, airborne bacteria, dust and mold spores that cause allergies and stress on human bodies.
With build-in rechargeable battery, adjustable fan speed to maintain/accelerate the air sanitizing process.
This high quality Air Sanitizing System is engineered to be energy-saving, durable and easy to maintain. Each filter will last up to 1 year and easy to replace. With stylish design, iClear Air Purifier blends nicely into any car, home and office.